Pause for our Heroes

I don’t think we will ever truly understand what it is our doctors and nurses of the world are doing for us and what they are truly going through.

So I want to pause and thank every single medical professional and emergency worker right now. These people are the real heroes of our world. These should be our icons, our inspiration and the people we look up too and aspire to be more like.

Not the AFL stars. Not the SBL players. Not the Kardashians of the world or the next Instagram “Influencer”.

Now is the perfect time to see this. REALLY SEE THIS. These people are putting their lives at risk every single moment of every single day.

Pause and let that sink in for a second…

They are saving lives. They are nursing those who quite possibly won’t make it. They are working round the clock shifts, sleeping at the hospital and doing it over and over again. They are not going home to their families. They are looking after yours.

Without these heroes, where would the world be right now? How many of the sick would still be alive? How many family members would have been lost? How many people would have been left without comfort as they struggle to breathe? As they pass?

These heroes are forced to choose who to save because there is not enough equipment, resources, beds, intensive care units. Imagine that your job was to save lives yet you have to make a choice on who to save.

Choose the young mother of four or the grandmother of ten.

Choose the sweet 16-year-old girl or her 60-year-old father.

Choose the single FIFO worker or the young mum who just fought breast cancer.

Pause and imagine that.

You can’t.

So I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I thank all of you for what you are doing, what you are going through, and what you are sacrificing for us.

You are heroes doing what most of us can’t, and we thank you sincerely and with the deepest of gratitude that you walk this earth.


| London Dene |


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