Sleep Meditation

As promised to myself to improve my mental health, I meditated today.

Except I was still in my pj’s.

Also, I was in bed.

And I may have been dreaming about having to pee.

Oh, alright then I slept in!

BUT with all good intentions, when I first woke up, I did say to myself that I was going to lay in for a few minutes more, set my intentions for the day and meditate.

And technically I did it’s just a new, trendier version and I’m calling it “Sleep Meditation”.

Luckily the universe (aka my full bladder) eventually brought me out of my “meditation” which was lucky because my alarm was set for 7:01 PM not AM! That could have been disastrous except I have lids and sleep on are rarer than tits on a bull.

Anyway, I went on to start my everyday tasks like making breakfasts, packing lunches, keeping kids in line/focused/alive while also getting ready for work and trying to apply flawless makeup from a tutorial I’d seen on Insta Reels. Yada, yada, yada – if you’re a mum, you know the deal.

But then… THEN I remembered this was no ordinary day … My kids had a dress-up day at school, and I hadn’t finished the costumes! Now anyone with kids knows that school dress-up day adds another whole fucking element to your morning routine as well as at least a good ten minutes, per child, especially if you’re a last-minute Mumma like me.

So, I’m like ‘Cool you’ve got this babe. Be present. Stay calm.’ as I’m reaching over to silence an alert on my phone…

‘Oh-fuckidy-shit-fuck-fuck! My new cleaner is coming today!!’

And yes this sounds totally spoilt, lazy and entitled but there’s ALWAYS a mad dash to clean the house before the cleaner comes and nobody, and I do mean NOBODY better get in my way!

So anyway, I got it done, we all survived, and I also want to point out that I’m here writing again today – did you notice? I did tell you yesterday you’d be hearing from me more often, I just never said it would be quality shit #sorrynotsorry

Hope you all had a relatively namaste-like day – catch you tomorrow – LD || x


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