Social Addiction

Isn’t it funny how we can focus so much of our time and energy on things that are of no real importance to us?

And isn’t it funny that we do this on autopilot, daily, and without any real awareness of just how mind-numbing and time-wasting it really is?

Also isn’t funny how we are so engaged in other peoples lives yet there is more anxiety than ever when we have to go out in the real world?

My social scrolling addiction is real even though I am totally aware of it.

I can not tell you how many things I have neglected in my life because of this mindless action – day in day out.

And boy do I wish it were as simple as switching it off, but when it’s your work, your job, your business it feels almost impossible to disconnect because, realistically, you can’t completely.

Your “quick look” steals a whole hour of your life, and you’ve wasted that precious time on what?

Other peoples lives?
Things you don’t need?

Is it possible that all of it is nothing of real importance? Is it? Yes! A hundred, thousand percent yes!

I’m so sick of watching my life go by, after the fact, and wasting my precious time involved with things that ultimately cost me – financially and emotionally.

So I have a goal.

I am going to commit to myself – and you – that my scrolling will stop, as of today, and I will only engage on the socials to do my paid work and a post for blog purposes for a maximum of 1 full hour a day – no scrolling. I will set a timer in 10-minute intervals – once my six time slots are up, I’m off.

This is my accountability post to do my job and my service that I am paid for to the best of my ability and so I cannot waste a minute scrolling the very unsocial socials.

This is my oath. This is my commitment to giving myself more time to do the things that I love like reading and writing and upgrading my creative talents. Things that make me feel complete, happy and fulfilled.

This is my oath to be present in my life, to give attention to the things that are a good energy exchange and to be in the moment with those I love.

Hands up who else is in?

LD ||

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