Book Week

Lets talk Book Week.

Honestly it either makes you freak the fuck out or you are one of those mums who absolutely froths over the genius costume you have planned to create over the last 365 days for your pride and joy.

Kudos to you.


I am, obviously, on the other side of the parental fence. The shitty side where you will find empty bottles of cheap champagne and a plate of polony for dinner.

It doesn’t help that the kids drop it on me the day before. Although, truth be told, I’ve had their calendar since the first day school went back.

Don’t judge.

This year, with Covid and all, most mums like me were hoping it would be cancelled and by some pure miracle my kids school was the only school in our city to not have Book Week. It was a Halle-fucking-lulah moment let me tell you!

It was all celebrations and boasting to my friends from those ‘other’ schools well that was until All Saints Day rocked up a week later…

Thankfully, I had a queen sized white sheet on hand which, cut in half, became angelic robes for my boys and then, this is the genius bit, they doubled as ghost outfits for Halloween the following day! *Taking a bow*

No I may not be a costume extraordinaire but I still took one single item out of my unlabelled and unorganised cupboard and made four costumes. I even folded them up, put them in a bag and labelled it so they could be recycled for next year. Boom. Organised for next year! Now just to find a ghost or saint book to make it relative. *Mic drop*

You’re welcome.

LD ||


One thought on “Book Week

  1. B says:

    Book week. The shittest. Hated it every. Fucking. Year.
    Legit thought when M opted to leave school – I will NEVER have to book week again.
    Our costume concepts sound like they spring from the same gets-the-job-done well of genius 😂❤️


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