Don’t blog drunk…

Because in the morning you’ll realise you don’t make as much sense as you thought you did at the time.

Because your “sober you” doesn’t find your “drunk you” as funny.

Because it’s two o’clock in the morning and you’re grammar up and left with Cinderella at twelve.

Because nobody needs to know what bartender-Karen at the pub said to you.

Because your new best friend from the toilet cubicle next to you has already forgotten your name – as have you hers.

Because your “hungover you” will already have to forehead slap herself over the other twentybillionty stupid things you said or did… and that was before 9pm.

Because you actually did have moves like Jagger and ain’t nobody got time to witness that!

Because blog editing is best done sober, with at least a brain cell or two left.

Because your profound thought at three in the morning is not coherent or understandable or even really that profound… or hell, it’s not profound at all.

Just go to sleep princess potty mouth and wait for the headache and scratchy eyes to wake you up in a few hours!

LD ||


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