Dig Deep

Let’s get deep

We all know to some degree that life is short.

Yep, that tick to that tock is the sound of the clock of life moving – swiftly.

Each minute gone is one we cannot get back.

Each day we’ve had before becomes the past and before we know it the year is up and a new year ticks over – hello 2021.

The older we get, the faster it seems to happen – which is something old people say… Meaning I’m am one of those “old people”.

We live in a materialistic world… All of us to some degree.

With the cha-cha-ching being one of our top priorities. Earning it and spending it.

C’mon you know you are don’t get all spiritual on me – travelling needs money, new possessions need money, hell Facebook needs money (ah hello wifi/phone/computer).

Seeking a life full of ‘stuff’ needs money. And we are all guilty. Well, with the exception of perhaps the people who live in trees and solely off the land. But I don’t know any of those people.

We all know about death.

We all know it is somewhat of a total absolute possibility; it is 100% going to happen. But do we know if we were faced with imminent death what our instant regrets would be?

Would we have big instant regrets?

Big instant regrets for things that we hadn’t done/said/been to yet because we were too busy, too poor, too scared, too fat, too insecure to do, say, have or be whatever it is.

So knowing death is, without a doubt, a total and absolute possibility let me pose this question …

If you could choose just ONE thing to do, say, have or be right now – what would it be?

The world is ending.

Your life is over.

You have one wish to be granted before you go.

You cannot wish for more wishes.

You cannot wish for a longer life or more time.

What’s your wish?

Now say it out loud and watch how what you’ve said changes.

Pay attention to how your brain competes with thought after thought. Until your heart starts speaking up.

You might start with something that you think is important to you, then you will find something more important than that and again and again until you finally get to the truth. The core of what is really important to you.

The centre of your being.

It is when you start to feel a tingle throughout your body that you are close to finding it.

And when you feel that ache and the tears start to well up and then a gentle contentment sets in – then, then you know you’ve found your answer.

If you could choose ONE thing to do, say, have or be right now, your last choice in life – what would it be?

What would it be?

LD ||


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