Todays Reminder

Today’s Reminder.

Isn’t it the truth that the scariest part about putting yourself out there is that you don’t actually need anyone else’s permission.

Just your own.

So stop holding yourself back – let go of the comfort zone nothing is really achieved here.

Get out of your way – who are you to stand in the way of success?

Have a crack – it’s better to have a little whoopsie than a lifelong “what if?”

Do it for you – because if you don’t who will?

Nobody. There is nobody that knows what you really want. Nobody who knows what it is that truly fills up your cup and allows it to overflow confidently with genuine, directed passion and joy. Nobody is going to tell you that you shouldn’t have tried and let’s be honest if they did say that – what purpose are they serving in your life?

And just so you know – out of the 7.6 BILLION people in the world right now there is NOBODY ELSE that can do it for you! Nobody!

Just take that step. Make that choice. Prioritise it. Make it happen. Accept mistakes. Learn from the whoopsies. Find new solutions and keep working toward what you want.

Like a GPS – if you don’t put in your destination you are not going to know how to navigate the way there, especially if its your first time. Curves, road blocks, hills and detours are a part of life but when you know where you are going you just rerouter and keep moving.

So… What is it that you want?

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