Thoughts Become Things …

If anyone ever developed the ability to read minds, mine would be one of the most road-tripping-crazy-bitching-weird-ass-guilt-ripping-yet-at-the-same-time-slightly-fun of all the world to read.

The things I think about, then the things I think about what I just thought about is mind-boggling! The constant back chatting and judgement I give myself is an absolute brain-frying, energy-consuming shitshow.

As an over thinker who is also trying to be a world class champion manifesting machine I can only say it is so fucked up! I’ve tried to live with this ‘thoughts becomes things‘ mentality for so long, at least, in fact, since around 2006 because this is when “The Secret” movie first came into my life.

I mean, this was a POWERFUL movie to watch especially because, at the time, I had just become a divorcee, a single mum of three and was broke as shit. The movie gave me goosebumps – and magically it still does.

But it’s fucken haaarrrrrdddddd!

We are saying shit to ourselves to try and reprogram what is already inbuilt and its hard.

We are trying to brainwash ourselves into believing something that’s not really real just so that one day it might actually be real… hard….

We feed our anxious over thinking brains to constantly analysing our thoughts and rephrase them to be manifesting positive shit not shit-shit.

Thoughts become things.
I mean, I get it. I can say it has absolutely worked for me throughout my life. But the constant charade for my over thinking brain has now become a battle.

The minute I think something negative little Miss-Fuck-Face pops up and says, “Oh, now you done it giiirrrlll. You just fucked up the next 7 years of your life because you thought about the house you want, but then you said you couldn’t have it.

Then I see a genie come to life, and he says, “Your wish is my command!” And just like that an atomic bomb goes off in my mind to show the damage my negative thought has just caused to my months of positive manifesting.

If you’ve seen the movie – you’ll get what I’m saying. If not, you’ll think I’m crazy.

And yes, seriously. This is what my brain – the voices and the visuals – say and do to me.

I told you. It’s a complete shitshow.

Welcome to the over-thinkers-trying-to-manifest brain.

LD ||

And now just for fun…. memes…


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