Expiration Date

Life has an expiration date. We all know it. We just don’t want to talk about it.

But what if we did. Talk about it here and now.

What if we all sit with it, like, really REALLY sit deep in our souls with it. Intently but without the darkness that death generally hangs over our heads.

What if we consciously think about our lives and how we live them right now side by side with how we wish we were living them.

What if we used our life expiration date for good. For the good of our souls, our wants, desires and for the goodness of our true authentic selves.

On the contrary, what if we lived our lives every day the way we do right now, and nothing ever changes. Nothing changes, and it simply stays exactly as it is until we expire – whether that is 14 days or 14,610 days. Then when we die, we arrive in heaven – or place of faith – standing before our Maker who, we think, is ready to welcome us home with open arms.

Except our Maker hands us a folded piece of paper – with a furrow between their brows and a genuine look of concern.
We open that piece of paper, and it says:
“This is who you were supposed to be…
This is what you could have done with your life…
What happened?”

What the fuck did happen?

What have we let get in the way of the things we want to do or be or achieve? Why are we holding ourselves back from being, doing or having what we want? What our authentic selves want?

It’s true we can’t simply click our fingers and have it all. But if it were that easy, we’d all be doing it. And if it were that easy, what reward or pride would we take in it because it came with no effort, mistakes or sacrifice?

It is also true that sometimes, to get what we want, we have to look fear and uncertainty in the face and say fuck you and do it anyway.

To keep ourselves on this road, it takes practice and constant showing up – whether we like it or not.

It comes down to effort. It comes down to consistent nudging in that direction of where we want to be.

So let’s set those positive daily reminders on our phones. Stick post-it notes with goals for the week on our bedroom walls. Let’s write our favourite quote in pink lipstick on our bathroom mirror and say it to ourselves or out loud while we get ready in the morning. And let’s make a kick-arse playlist we can use as the soundtrack to the life we want to be living – as the people we want to be showing up in the world as.

These small things will set us up to be reminded constantly of who the fuck we are and where the fuck we are going every single god damn moment we can. We will remove any pressure or disappointment along the way and give ourselves enough respect to know that any detours mean shit because we have already consciously kickstarted the ride, and we are on our way.

There is no rewind button, and the only pause we should be pressing is when we need to reset our stance. With our chest full of air, shoulders back, and fists on hips.

A mother fucking powerhouse.

Our best before date is today and every day moving forward. Let’s do something with it. Let’s not fuck around anymore. We are courageous. We are valued. We, divine fucking goddesses, are getting a golden ticket to meet our Maker. Whether we live life loud or quiet, if we live as our authentic selves, then we are the luckiest living souls on this earth, and the Maker will bow down to us, girl!

So, I promise to stand taller. I promise to shake down the limiting beliefs. I promise to make more time to do me, for me, because of me. I promise to set goals and find my way to them. I promise to keep learning. I promise that when I meet my Maker, they will be on their hands and knees welcoming my expired arse through those pearly gates while my life soundtrack plays:

“So raise your glass if you are wrong
In all the right ways
All my underdogs
We will never be never be, anything but loud
And nitty-gritty, dirty little freaks
Won’t you come on and come on and raise your glass
Just come on and come on and raise your glass.”

Give us your best yet!
LD xx

P.S This blog post is inspired by something I heard on social media the other by @yasshhappylife – don’t ask me to tag you in the reel/video/whatever-it’s-called coz I don’t even know how TikTok works #toooldforthisshit


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