Busy or Not a Priority

With four blissful hours to myself in a clean and quiet house what did I do? I pottered around… WTF! Am I 80! Who the fuck potters around with no kids, no husband and a clean house…

Anxiety Party.

You’re invited to Anxiety’s Party – all her mates will be there.
Date: 1st Jan to 31st Dec – inclusive
Time: 24/hrs
RSVP: Just rock up coz everyone else does…

Todays Reminder


Isn’t it the truth that the scariest part about putting yourself “out there” is that you don’t actually need anyone else’s permission.

Just your own.

✔️Stop holding yourself back.
✔️Get out of your way.
✔️Have a crack.
✔️Do it for you.

Because out of the 7.6 BILLION people in the world there is NOBODY ELSE that can do it for you 😘