Silence is Golden

Or so they say.

Silence is also heavy. It’s suffocating and creates so much inner turmoil you feel like it’s going to crush you.

Silence is deafening. So loud you wonder if your eardrums will burst and your heart will tear open.

Silence is a killer. So deadly it can kill an argument in a moment, and you can cut the tension with its sword.

Silence is lonely. It’s fighting a battle by yourself, surrounded by people, but completely alone.

Silence is final. The only way you can stop it is by making some noise.

By standing up and stomping your feet in defiance until you are heard.

By singing your own song until your music is felt swirling softly into your soul breathing fresh air in your lungs and love into your heart.

By stepping up into you. In to who you truly are by knowing your voice is worthy. Your voice is strong. Your voice has words much more golden than silence will ever have.

Speak up. Whatever it is. Speak up.

LD ||


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