Life is a Highway

Life really is like a highway. Sometimes there are roadblocks. Sometimes there are detours, and then sometimes it’s just a totally cruisy ride, and you get from A to B with absolutely no dramas.

Some roads travelled will be rough as guts, dark and dreary. Others will be brightly lit but overwhelming so, and some will take you to places you didn’t really want to go, ever.

Sometimes you’ll be riding along the highway stuck behind someone else, waiting for them to move out of your fucking way, and they won’t. You’re going to feel frustrated and left wondering if you’re missing out because you are not where you are meant to be by now. But it’s all in the plan of your life. Or, worst case, you just end up being late.

Sometimes you’re gonna be able to overtake that slow fucker, and you’re gonna be able to get to where you want to get sooner than others. Everything seems to just fall into place.

Some days you’re going to want to scream and yell at the other dickheads on the road – even though the reason for your angry is not really theirs at all. Then other days, you’ll be kindly waving and letting everyone in your lane.

Sometimes you place your absolute trust in everyone else on the highway only to have that trust shattered when they cross over that little white line and come crashing into your world head-on.

Sometimes you get every red light, but you are still meant to arrive at your destination.

Sometimes you get every green, and you’ll wonder why you ever went there at all.

Sometimes you will lose your way and will be scared of the unknown that you are facing. Just get your bearings. Notice your surroundings. Remember who you are, where you are going and why. You WILL find your way.

Whatever the destination, whatever the journey, no matter how rough or smooth the road is – it is all yours to do with it what you will. So ride it while you can. It won’t wait for you forever.

LD ||


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